I am having problems with loading photos from my digital camera, and on the website for the camera, it said the following:

4. The automatic launching software (Exif Launcher) may not be functioning correctly. Perform the following:

<Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows Me and Windows 2000>
a. Right-click the Exif Launcher icon in the task tray and select "Settings".
b. Tick the "Launch automatically at connection" checkbox and click "OK".
* If the Exif Launcher icon is not displayed, launch Exif Launcher in "Start" -> "Programs" -> "Startup" to display the icon.

The icon isn't in my task tray, and when I click on Start-Programs-Startup, it's not there either. Any other way to locate it? Thanks!

Sorry.....in my previous post, I forgot to mention my operating system is Windows 98. :)

Nevermind....I got it. :)

Nevermind....I got it. :)

Mind telling us what you did? Perhaps someone else runs up against the same issue in the future!

I honestly don't know what I did....I knew it was usually in the task tray at the bottom of my screen, but wasn't there. I was having those problems with my digital camera software, so I uninstalled it all, and reinstalled it again, and when I did that and rebooted, it was there. :)

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