so in XP there was this option of File Types when you went to a folder>tools>options...>file types and from there you could change a particular file to become a chosen icon ie. FLV files being a custom icon.

just wondering if anyone knows where "File Types" is now because its not in the same place in Vista as it is in XP, or maybe just where i can change the icon?


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in widows explorer right click on a file
open with command for individual files. or go to control panel and choose default programs. here you will find setting for set your default programs and associate a file type with a program. or just click on all programs you will see default programs at the top or on the side menu


thanks for that BUT i wasn't asking how to change the file associations but the icons...and not the folders but specific file types IE. FLV files.


yeah and avi and other medias

really easy on XP but like...where on vista?


then in that case i would not suggest using the icon change, you would have to do it for every single file,,,,but if you want to change all at the same time...use the program you want to be the default program for certain files. for example see attachments .......one image file is open by quick time and the other is windows picture and fax viewer...now is you want all to be open by windows picture and fax viewer you would right click on the file and choose open with,, choose the program and check the box always use this program to open file of this type...... then all image files icon would be change

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