I just installed XP on my computer (had win 2000, but viruses invaded so I decided to wipe it and get xp), and everything went fine when I installed it, but there is one problem. Whenever I open a window that can be scrolled (webpage), dragged around, or manipulated it all acts slow and clunky. Like I drag a window across the screen and it "lags" across and seems "clunky." I have no idea what would cause this so any help would be appreciated.

try this.

Open Control Panel from the Start menu and choose "System."

Choose the "Advanced" tab.

Select the "Settings" button under the Performance section.

Check the "Adjust for best performance" box and click "Apply" to apply the settings.

Alternatively, you can choose the "Custom" open, you can then selectively enable or disable each specific effects.

Good Luck,


Thank you zoned, that worked for all the stuff on the desktop and those windows. There is still one problem, and that is when I'm on a webpage (including this one), whenever I scroll down//up it moves all slow (like a slideshow). I've tried fooling with internet options, but nothing has worked...

Ah, I got it, just had to update my drivers.