hey my windows xp professional wont load!! i have a IBM lenovo laptop i have no Cd with it, was already installed when i bought it!! Ive tried everything possible to fix this problem it was working fine 2days ago no problems, now it starts to load windows and then goes to a black screen?? any help with this would be grateful thanks

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can you see the BIOS load, and then press F8 to get the boot menu? if possible, use the last known good configuration.


following the, last flag if last good configuratuion does not work try the safe mode option.

If it won't boot into safe mode you have either an MBR problem (use any old w98 disk etc) and run fix MBR.

If that is non productive then you may need to examine the hard disk. if you have access to another computer get a boot linuw disc made upand try that and ee if it boots to linux from thge CD oif that works then memory processor etc is OK and prob with hard disk.
best of Luck


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