This score can be found on the performance and reliability monitor in vista, and clicking on reliability. The score ranges from 1 to 10. What is yours, and if possible, use snipping tool to prove your score.

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How do you keep your score so high??!!! What are your system specs??!!

I build my own systems. Costs a bit more than a brand name but it's worth the peace of mind to me.
My current system I put together in March,2007 for about $1300.
Specs are:

  • Antec Sonata II Case(450W PS)
  • Asus M2N4-SLI Motherboard
  • AMD Athlon 64x2 3800+ CPU
  • 2 GB Kingston Ram PC2-5300 (just upped it to 4 GB last week)
  • Asus nVidia GeForce 7600 GT Video Card (256 MB DDR3)
  • WD 250 GB Sata HDD(7200rpm, 8MB Cache)
  • LG Dual Layer DVD-R (IDE)
  • Basic Logitech USB Keyboard/Mouse
  • 19" Princeton LCD Display
  • MS Vista Ultimate 32Bit

My Windows Experience Index is 5.0 (CPU)

I've also left Vista's UAC on; I found it to run better this way when I was running the beta releases on my last system.


holy sh*t mines 2.63 and i'v only had it for 22 days!

do you install many programs? or does your pc crash a lot, or gets shut down improperly? Those determine your score.


it depends on the quality of your ram too

my server has high end EEC ram and has had 0 memory faults so its 9.9 on ws2008 beta


come on now, isn't anyone else willing to update their score, or is mine to high for them!!


Up to 9.70 since SP1 which is the info icon showing on 3/18/08; it was at 9.65 then.

Attachments reliable.JPG 26.63 KB

mine went up to 9.98, but my pc got a virus and erased all the data. i had to run a recovery, so i can't show my score.


Holy Crap! My computer has gone down hill. It was 9.18 on Aug 1 2008, but went down to 6.67 on Aug 22, due mostly to the text screensaver not responding. I guess I'll just have to disable the screen saver to keep that from happening.

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