I have been using XP Pro with SP1a and IE6 without any problems. Literally overnight I am no longer able to connect via 56k dialup.

No new software has been installed. The Internet Connection dialog box appears and list the ISP tel. number as normal but nothing happens. I have queried the modem but that seems fine. I have tested the tel line with another computer and it is fine. The ISP number is ok as well. It happens with IE, Outlook Express and my 3rd party FTP software, making me tink it is a central windows issue. The connection settings look unchanged from before...

Anyone had a similar problem?

Thanks for the help....

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you have adware installed without your permission.look into c/window/temp
if there is something delete it. go to internet options and delete cookies.


I'm thinking these guys are probably right, more than likely. Check out our Security Forum's sticky post regarding "Helping Yourself" . It's also included as a link in my sig for your convenience.


Hey Good People,

Thanks for the advice... I work away during the week so will have a go at this again in Saturday. I'll post the results of my little investigation then to save some other poor soul from this weirdness.

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