OK guys, got this retarted problem, I changed the DNS on one of my sites and it has now fully propogated. When My programmer that sits beside me goes to my forum, he sees the new site new DNS my content writer on the otehr side sees the new site new DNS, when I go to my URL I see the old site old DNS, which is long sinse changed.

I tried flushing my DNS in command prompt, cleared my cookies, got rid of the temp internet files etc etc, but for some reason my stupid computer has a picture in its head that the sites are still at the old DNS and refuses to go anywhere else HELP!

I go here http://www.seo-guy.com/forum/ I see old DNS

I go here (No www) I go here http://seo-guy.com/forum/ I see new DNS


My programmer thinks its a problem with some way windows XP on my machine handles DNS but I dont know

Any insight here is greatly appreciated, how the heck do I purge teh old files from my comp so I can see my site when I type in the URL

The two addresses are not really the same. I can't remember the specifics to tell you off the top of my head, but they are resolved differently. So maybe it has not propogated fully. If I ping both www.seo-guy.com and seo-guy.com from here, they resolve to the same address. Try it from your machine. If they return the same address, then DNS is not your problem.

I know its not the dns of the Domain, there is something funky goign on with my specific computer. IT refuses to accespt the fact that the site when I query it is in a different place and still goes to the old IP. Clearing cache, Cookies or anyhting else doesnt help.

Look for a hosts.txt file on your system. Take a look at that, and see if it points to the "wrong" site.

Check your DNS settings in your network properties.

If you are hosting your site on your present ISP prior, it could be that the authoritative DNS servers of your site are your ISP's. You will just need to delete the zone information of your site from your ISP's DNS server so that it will not assume that it is the authoritative DNS servers for your site.

how the heck do I do that? Sorry Im not a hardware guy, I kinda need a handholding here :(

If you can access seo-guy.com and not www.seo-guy.com then it is not DNS server problem.

Host file location C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. Open the file name hosts with notepad. Delete any entries with www.seo-guy.com or put a # before the sentence.

Flush your system dns cache. Go to Start, Run, type cmd. At command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns.

I figured out what was wrong last night but I cant fix it. There is some kind of spyware or something that is writing my hosts file for me. I can delete it completely and when I open up IE again my hosts file is BACK and it has all the sites ive visited lately including my SEO guy site with the wrong DNS. ITS NUTS. I have to get rid of this sucker I tell ya

ok guys, has anyone ever heard of a program or something in windows that automatically overwrites your host file with a bunch of URL's of sites you visit and IP's associated with them?

Hey there. Yes! I am here - despite having surgery yesterday!! ;) In any case, sorry to hear about your PC woes. Your best bet would be to go ask that question in the Security forum. You'd probably have better luck there now that you think you've narrowed it down to spyware/malware.

haha, you know what I did, I deleted all contents of my host file and before saving made it Read only, now that SOB cant write to it! hhahhahah except noone else can either but oh well lol

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