my computer has vista its how it came but it is slowly but surly dieing first it was a syntax error then it was the print spooler stoping every time I started it then non of the servises seem to even exist then the sound stoped working there is somthing causing this I dont think its a virus or any thing like that I suspect its the people on the other end of the network that have done somthing if not I blame vista the fucking bill gates son of a bitch so as a result of these problems most things have stoped working

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So your MS Vista pc is running slow, and having problems with various processes as well as sound.

For this sort of thing your best bet would be to try a system restore or known as a 'destructive recovery' depending on the make and model.

Unless your system came with recovery media you'll need to do HDD recovery. This can be done by tapping F8 or F11 (depends on make & model as they sometimes have MS recovery as F8 and OEM recovery F11). Depending which you chose you'll need to select 'repair your computer' will then say 'windows is loading files' - this is normal.

You'll need to ensure it's running off the power adaptor before starting though as having the battery die halfway could cause real problems (if it's a laptop that is).

Either way though you'll need to back up any work first though.


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