I'm using Windows XP SP2. I use First Defense ISR which means I have several snapshots or Operating Systems on my computer (4). I can connect to a certain website on two of them but not on the other two. This is true using both Internet Explorer and Netscape so the issue doesn't seem to be browser related. I've flushed the DSL cache, deleted Internet temp files and all temp files. My Internet connection to Comcast, my ISP, is identical in all cases. I have a router with a firewall but I don't believe this could be the case because of the success in half of the snapshots. I've tried connecting after disabling my software firewall to no avail. I would welcome any suggestions.
Thanks a lot!

Can you ping the sites?

ping www.google.co.uk

If you can ping them try connecting to the sites by the IP address and not the URL.
If you can't ping them get the IP from one that can connect and try pinging and browsing by IP to check the machines DNS is OK.

have you got any software firewalls running as these can stop outgoing connection to stated websites.

Thanks for the reply Peter, I appreciate your help. First of all I wasn't able to ping the ip address I had. I did an ip search of the domain name and came up with a different ip address although very similar. I tried this in the two snapshots that couldn't connect to the site and I was able to get up on this new ip address. However using the http://domain name.org I have the problem. Anyway, the problem is solved and again, thank you. However, I'm still mystified as to why two snapshots allow me to connect with the domain name and two different ip addresses and two will only allow me to connect with the one ip address. Not a big deal...just curious.

Good to here

The reason could be that the DNS has an old record that its using. You can fix this by clearing out you DNS.

In a Command Prompt type

ipconfig /flushdns

Thanks again Peter!

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