Please help. My internet explorer is really messed up for some reason. It was fine yesterday, but when i try to use it, it says that the page cannot be displayed. I have tried to see if it had something to do with my connection to the internet, but it doesn't have any problems. The only way i can go to websites is in Microsoft outlook. It's really odd. Please help. Thanks

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does anyone else know what to do in my situation?
please, if you can help me at all post it on here. I'll check back later. Or email me at
thank you very much for your time.
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Are you behind a proxy server (i.e. at work/school)? Are you using a 3rd-party firewall program? (What about Windows XP's built-in firewall, if you're using WinXP?)

Aside from Outlook, are there any other Internet programs you have installed that work/don't work? (i.e. AIM, ICQ, etc?)

I am at home. I use windows 2000. My aim and msn messengers work fine. I dont have any problem with them. It's just internet explorer. And i use Norton Internet security. : (

do a system restore back a few days before the problem started

sounds like your ISP is having a DNS problem. please contact them

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