Sorry about posting this again, last time I posted it in the same thread of someone having the same issue. I realized that this was against the rules and apologize...

So here we go again... :)


The same thing is happening to me, it's affecting all the sites located on the same IP, i've tried ipconfig /flushdns along with release and renew...

Anyone know what's wrong?

I can't access my site / all sites hosted on that IP with more than one browser, also I have an email from my mail server on my site and I use thunderbird (mozilla) to get my mail but it cannot access it, etc.

I can't ping my site or the ip either.

When I use a webproxy I can access all of the websites though...

Please help! :(

Thanks in advance

PS- I've tried it on other computers on the network and it does the same... however outside of my network (and using web proxies) you can load the sites...

Certain websites or site providers block a certain ISP because some users on that ISP (or pretending to be on that ISP) commits spam or spreads malware.

Okay so I found the problem, I put a password on my wireless router, then I couldn't access websites on the one ip, so then i took the password off and now I can... anyone know what it did???