Sorry about posting this again, last time I posted it in the same thread of someone having the same issue. I realized that this was against the rules and apologize...

So here we go again... :)


The same thing is happening to me, it's affecting all the sites located on the same IP, i've tried ipconfig /flushdns along with release and renew...

Anyone know what's wrong?

I can't access my site / all sites hosted on that IP with more than one browser, also I have an email from my mail server on my site and I use thunderbird (mozilla) to get my mail but it cannot access it, etc.

I can't ping my site or the ip either.

When I use a webproxy I can access all of the websites though...

Please help! :(

Thanks in advance

PS- I've tried it on other computers on the network and it does the same... however outside of my network (and using web proxies) you can load the sites...

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Certain websites or site providers block a certain ISP because some users on that ISP (or pretending to be on that ISP) commits spam or spreads malware.


Okay so I found the problem, I put a password on my wireless router, then I couldn't access websites on the one ip, so then i took the password off and now I can... anyone know what it did???


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