My computer was running slow so someone told me to download advast software to remove any viruses and to keep others away. i started the program it started going through every file then i guess i checked the wrong box because it started to deleted windows files.

now when i restart my computer it gets to the xp screen then blue screens and says:
c000021a {Fatal System Error} The windows logon system process terminated unexpectently with status (0x00000000 0x00000000).
This system has shutdown.

I have a Dell Diminsions E310 with windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. No backup or restore disks.

What do i do?


Just after the bios screen when your computer starts up, if you press F8 (several times until the boot menu appears) and select Last Known Good Configuration - this might hopefully restore your PC back to before it started crashing.

Apart from that, i think you might have to reinstall Windows


Also if you contact dell and ask them they might be able to provide recovery disks for ya but that might come with a price, still i think u ll be better off paying that than paying for a brand new copy of windows.


tried last known conf. didnt work same thing happened. i have a copy of office 2000 premium but i don't know much about loading it when the comp. doesnt work. any ideas. much appreciated.

Could be some malware broke winlogon.exe.

i have a copy of office 2000 premium .

you need windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 ,not office 2000 ,program

ok tried all that prior to getting on here. nothing loads at all i had got a program that was suppose to help my comp. because the system restore wouldn't work. after the black xp screen it blue screens no matter what i try.

where can i get a copy of xp media center 2005. i know enough about computers to get me by but there are more parts about them that i know nothing about. would like to get this solved as soon as possible because its been about 3 months since it has worked.

thanks for all the help so far.

You need to contact Dell.

Ditto to that !

anyone know about how much it will be

nope ,call Dell to find out .

i am a bit curious that avast delete system files??????? maybe those system files we jacked and avast got rid of them.

do what the guys suggest contact dell to get th recovery disk. because without that we would not be able to help you

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