Your Operating System Version and its patch level (e.g. Windows XP Service Pack 1) This can be found (on Windows machines) by going to the Control Panel -> System (under the General Tab).
The Make and Model of your machine (if it isn't a custom-built pc)
The last few programs that you've installed
How you got to your problem (what did you do to create the problem?)
Does the problem occur every time? Is it intermittant

1)windows xp sp1
2)compact presario
3)the only thing i can think of are bareshare and morpheus, which i soon removed after installation. (was only looking for one song and they are bad about putting stuff in your computer)
4)i have NO idea LOL
5)all the time now since i noticed

Hi! Hope you can help! My task manager, when looking under proccesses now reads all zeros. It used to say, for example, ie was 18k, messenger was 3k, etc. If I go to a diffy user on the computer, the task manager works right there. I have no idea what I did. I did just have someone help me with bad registry files on your security forum, and my computer is working much better now! But the task manager problem is still there. Any help would be appreciated!

thanks in advance!


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do a system restore to a point before this problem occured (if possible at least 48 hours before) goto start<all programs<accesories<system tools<system restore then pick the date. now after your system is fully restored remove bearshare and morpheus and then do a spyware and virus scan of your entire computer. you should be fine after that

i deleted all bearshare and morpheus files, ive ran avg, norton, and trend thing, nothing found. and i cant restore to before then because 1) i dont know when it happened 2)i dont have any restore points back that far :-|

any other tricks?

thanks!! :cheesy:


Create a new user for yourself on the computer and copy the things from your current user profile to the new one. Do this manually from the folder under the Documents and Settings folder with your name on it. Copy the folders one group at a time and don't do a cut and paste. Don't copy the temp files.

run system cd and it will repair all of that


erm :o my problem is fixed. and yall wont believe what it was. LOL somehow my columns got stretched and the one i was used to seeing was waaaaaay off the viewing screen. oh lord, i am such a dingbat. i never noticed! friend that figured it out said that i could of done it by accident, or a virus could of done it. (i think he was just trying to make me feel better lol)

thank yall for your time an energy! i figured i should post just in case some other dingy does the same thing!!

have a great day and keep up the great work!!!!!!!

karki :o

Good one karki :). Nice to see members fix there own problems :cheesy:

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