Hi All,

I've recently setup a new SBS 2003 Premium server, following all of the wizards and avoiding anything "under the hood". The site has a static IP (forwarded to the server - can TS in no troubles), all necessary ports open and forwarded (80, 443, 25, 110, 1723, 3389, 4125). For some reason I can't access RWW or OWA. I've run and re-run CEICW a handful of times.

The only non-microsoft software on the server is MYOB Premium, a UPS managment utility and (the big one) Symantec Endpoint. I believe Endpoint to be the problem but have no proof.

Does anyone have any experience with this product, or any other ideas as to what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance

It just may be Endpoint that's causing your problems. Check the security section in Endpoint and make sure you grant all the necessary permissions. Also, another question is, are you using a firewall (hardware or software) and/or a router? If you are, you need to perform some extra configurations work to allow proper access to OWA and RWW. Hope this helps...

We are using a router, which has the appropriate ports open and forwarded to the server. It is a managed router on a business-grade plan though, so I don't actually have access to it to check it's settings. It does all seem to be ok when I use the tool at www.grc.com though.

I did try disabling Endpoint (and two of the services that it left running in the background) and that didn't work. To be honest, only the management console for EP is running on the server, so I don't know that the server is being protected by EP at this stage.

So the troubleshooting fun continues I guess. We will try installing a modem and try to bypass the router soon to see if it's a router or a windows/software problem this afternoon. Thanks anyway Andavari.

I'm still open to any other suggestions though! :)

Yeah it sounds as if it may be the router. Check that and see if it still continues. You never know when you're not controlling every aspect of the process. Glad I could help in some form.

It was the router.

We ended up going to the trouble of installing a dial-up modem and connecting to the net directly to prove it. As soon as we did that and called the ISP, they had the necessary "oh yeah..." moment and all is fixed now.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Great to hear! Glad I could help!