I contacted gateway and they mentioned trying a prog called 'GWSCAN 5.12'...I downloaded it and burned it to a cd...after running it, the first test said 'no errors found' but then after running the extended test for 1hour, it came back with the following...'Errors found - the drive has been repaired. Error/Status Code = 0223'
Firmware: MB4OC60H

And thats it. After reading that it said the errors are repaired, I figured restarting the pc would work...but it still has the same problem...What should I do now?

I will try and find Knoppix, and burn it tonight. Thnks again thus far...

contact gateway again and ask them ,i do believe the error code in the message will tell them more as to whats wrong with the drive ,and will most likely tell you to send it back for replacement .


After making a few dead cd's...I finally burned the live cd correctly. I put it into my laptop and restarted it...I could not believe it...it worked!!! :)

On the desktop it shows 2 HD icons...the first one had all my programs and pics and etc...the other, which is smaller...about only 4 gig in size...has a few folders...such as...'i386' 'miniNT' 'System Volume Information'.

I went back into the first HD and was able to find the data and info I had saved.

Can someone please tell me what can I do from here...what should I do from here and etc?

Now that I'm able to see my HD, can I fix it? Is there somthing I should look at, to see what is missing or is corrupt and then fix it...please tell me I might be able to fix it...please.

Sorry for all the questions....it just that after all this time I really thought it was over...this forum and one other was of such great help...ALL you guys are the BEST...the VERY BEST!!!

Please let me know what I should next

Now that you can see the data, you need to copy it somewhere.
I'm not sure what Live CD you're using, but you may be able to burn a CD or use a Flash Drive.
If you have internet access or a network, you could transfer the files to another machine or a file storage site.
Once you have that done, try a repair install, or see if you can boot into recovery console.

Ok...I moved the files that I need. I was able to look at everything on my main hard drive and also the smaller system partitioned drive.

I still am having the problem with not being able to start windows. Does anyone know of a prog or etc that will allow me to copy the right file or a way to fix the corrupted section on my hd?

Also...I found MiniPE which has lots of tools and etc to run. I went thru some of them and it says it fixed some sections...still have problem...but, it says there is an option that will allow me to get to the command prompt...does anyone know if there is some type of command I can enter in that will restore my drive to a certain date...possible?

Please let me know if anything above is possible or if you know of another prog that I could run that might help

Thanks in advance

ok,you saved the stuff ,why not just formatt and reload windows now,instead of trying to fix it .

Good Question...and the reason is because I have lots of programs that I will lose if I do a install. These programs...are hard to find and hard to get reg keys.

Any ideas on what programs I could run to try and fix this or a different method to fix the drive...would be great...thnks


John, if you wish, try to Repair the installation via Windows Setup - if it recognises the existing OS it will give you that option. That way you will not have to reinstall other software. But why not extract your registration codes and then format, reinstall, reload your apps and so start with a clean slate.
Windows is too sensitive to be clever with it.

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