So here is the scenario:

My sister uses chat clients too much. For example, she obsessed with the pets in QQ, the customization in ICQ, the talking in AIM. Which results in falling grades, lots of time spent online, etc.

So my mom asks me to stop her...without knowing.

So I try a few elementary things, like moving the folders, corrupting the .dll files in timesinks like pets, locking them up in .RAR files (since I need to use them too).

Unfortunately, my sister, being annoyingly smart like most decent kids has found out (on her own...slight proudness) how to get around these things.

So I've thought up something more elaborate:

1. Changing the names to the .dlls and .exes to strange names (eg. change AIM.exe to 34drh346dfh67cvbhx78), then making the .exe recognize the changed .dll files.

I haven't had a lot of experience with real computer languages before, so I'm not sure how to really look at an .exe file, whether it is possible to make it recognize different .dll files, or whether it is possible to mod them like this at all. So help here would be greatly appreciated. All I really need to know is whether I can do this, and what I have to learn to do it.

2. Editing the registry to not accept installations, or writing a passively running app to reject certain installations, or using 3rd party software to achieve the same effect. This way I can stop her from reinstalling the files after she discovers where the files came from (ie. dled from the Web).

I can't convince my mom to make her use a restricted account, and it would be worthless anyway since she would weedle the password from my parents in maybe 2 days. Probably less. Besides that would be extremely obvious, which wouldn't be good. So instead I want to change the registry so it is impossible to install files of certain names, eg. with ICQ in their name. If this is impossible please tell me what to learn to write something that can do this, or if any software on the web can do this.

All help is greatly appreciated.

use a program to lock the EXE file of the programs you do not want her to use, try this Also create an account for her that she cant install any programs on the pc. her account does not need to password protected. it will only restrict her from installing and having acces to system critical areas on the pc.

for this to be effective you would have to uninstall all current instances of the chat programs, because when you create an account these programs will automatically (most of the time) be available to any account that is on the PC

you could make her accoun a restricted account and then, you logged in as an administrator can unistall all those chat programs, then when she tries to download anything the computer wont let her. you will have to password protect the admin account and if you think she might get it from your parrents then dont give it to them.

It sounds as though your parents have abdicated their responsibility for raising their child.
A restricted account is the right answer, but old fashioned discipline will work as well. (No computer access for x days, etc.).

May i sujest a simple kill script

you can simply set it to run on startup and turn it off when you wish to use it

i know making another acount would probably be easier but dont forget this takes up hardrive space.

if you dont know what a kill script is it simply kills a program as soon as its opened there often used by admins at high schools and such

you can also hide it as a svhost if your sister is quite literate you can find a few good kill viruses on google just have a look

hope that helped

best solution is to gig here her own computer in her room ,but don't hook it to the internet .lol until here grades improve ,that'll drive her to study .
also the only way any for any of the above suggestions will work hinge on your parents becoming a stricter parent .or your sisters future is in jeopardy.