Hi all,

I just performed a clean install of windows xp, and immediately after the install I recieved multiple error messages. The error messages go something like this: "Your registry may be corrupted with spyware", "Corrupted windows registry". Obviously there is an issue somewhere within the registry, but can someone explain why and how it is possible to recieve these types of error messages after a clean install? Also, if someone knows of a solution to fix this problem, please get back to me, I would greatly appreciate it.


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You may try installing the following software which may be of help. Go to download.com and look for spyware doctor and tweak now softwares. After installing both software, run them separately and see if this helps.


sounds to me like you THINK you performed a clean install but you really performed an 'upgrade install', loading Windows over the top of what was already there rather than wiping the drive and loading it all fresh and clean.

Check this topic for clean install info http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread6632.html

I'm thinking another way. ;)

ljmora501, were you connected to the internet when these messages popped up? What kind of window were the message displayed in? A simple pop-up with an OK button at the bottom? Do you have any anti-spyware/virus programs running in the background that would pop up such a message?

I have the feeling these messages are nothing more than spam sent via the Messenger service.

You may well be right! (But check that a clean install was actually, really, correctly performed :))

I'm posotive I performed a clean install. I had two partitions and wiped both of them out prior to installing windows and formated the primary partition. The actual error messages are small in size with an "ok" button towards the bottom of the message. I'm running Norton AntiVirus so I don't see how this could be happening....would you guys recommend reintalling Windows?

Thanks much for your help.

Download install and run the most recent versions of AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy. (Make sure you check for updates before running them. You'll find download links amongst the stickied topics in out Viruses Spyware and Nasties forum section)

An antivirus program on its own is not enough to keep out intruders.

If those two don't find any intruders, read the instructions about HijackThis in that forum section and post a log in a new topic there for someone to check for you.

Let us know how you go after that please. The messages in themselves probably do not indicate there is something wrong with the registry. they are most likely the result of something which has surreptitiously made its way onto your system.

It just sounds like ordinary spam to me (best to have anti-spyware tools handy regardless!). Ensure you have a firewall running on your internet connection (properties of network connection, advanced tab. If you have SP2, then the Firewall item in Control Panel). To stop the messages from appearing in future, just Start -> Run -> "services.msc" and permanently disable the Messenger service (this does not affect MSN Messenger).

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