HI all, I have a homegrown system that has been running flawlessly since built in Nov 07. Recently Ihave been working on a stuttering prob in Portal (game). I also updated my BIOS which seemed to run successfully. Now I am getting a BSOD on boot in XP: STOP: 0x0000007E
0xC0000005, 0xB2ECC512, 0xBAD1F1A4, 0xBAD1EEA0). I have been operating happily in SAFE mode trying to resolve this P.I.T.A.; system restore, recovery(fixboot, fixmbr). Using same drivers as when it worked this a.m. Getting fed up. Any suggestions?


Core 2 quad 6600
EVGA680i mobo
2gig OCZ platinum pc2=8500
700 watt psu
winxp sp2

have you updated windows recently. go the the update site and download all critical and reccomended updates

I also updated my BIOS which seemed to run successfully.

how long has it been since the bios update ,and why did yiou do a bios update ,what were you trying to fix with the update .

Unfortunately, it was this a.m. I like to keep up with the bios updates for quad core function stability. I tried to reinstall the previous bios version, but cannot for some reason. It may be the prob, but I ran it after update, rebooted, etc. and it ran OK. I am at a loss, except for the ever popular freshy install.

My Quad knowledge is nil. but it use to be that if the bios update didn't fix an issue you were having you didn't do one ,so say any good motherboard maker.!after the update did you go into the bios on the first boot and chose to set default setting and save settings and then reboot ,
Also you could try a windows recovery repair ,and do a "chkdsk /r " to help with the bsod error ,

Thanks, all, for the info and time. It got to the point where I couldn't boot in safe mode, soooo, I now have a fresh install that works well. I would really like to know the cause of that mess, so I will keep investigating. Thanks, Jack, for the stop msg url.


of late most bsod are device driver conflicts ,most brought on by windows updates making changes to files used by the device in ?.the list is many but a lot of times it graphic controller device