Hi there!

First of all today, I experienced a "C0000218 Registry File Failure" error after upgrading my computer's RAM from 256mb to 512mb. The error would appear after the Windows load screen and the system would reboot. It kept on doing this, and would not get anywhere regardless of how many times I turned off my machine and turned it back on. I tried safe mode, but got the same results.

Finally, I removed the 512mb and went back to 256mb and rebooted in "Last Known Good Configuration" which the machine was successful in booting normally. However, when I got to my desktop I noticed some shortcuts were missing, no wallpaper, an empty My Documents folder, and I started up the internet only to find my favorites missing. I was able to find my old documents in a backup folder the computer had created for me, but my previous desktop settings, newer drivers, and internet favorites have disappeared.

I am very frustrated to see this happen. Is there any way to get back these missing items? Or has the "Last Known Good Configuration" screwed me over? I would appreciate any help!:'(


btw, I am using Windows 2000 Pro, so I cannot do a system restore

my computer never booted so I started my comp in "Last known good configuration" and now I am experiencing a similar problem! My computer looks like it reverted to 2 years ago and some of my newer files are gone..My firefox bookmarks are gone as well!

please help!!!!