I could not enter hotmail to see my e-mails, after I type my user and password it shift me to a blank page with nothing on it. On the other hand I can easilly access to mesenger and to yahoo mail.
I really nee a hint to solve this. I am using a new laptop with XP pro edition

If after you enter your username and password and it take you to blank page and you click on refresh what does it do? When I try to sign into hotmail sometimes it takes me to a blank page after I enter my info, but if I click refresh, it takes me on to hotmail. Just a thought you could try. If that's not it, hopefully someone else has some ideas. Good luck! :)

Thanks But It Says The Page Could Noy Be Refreshed So It Turns Me Back To Blank Page. I Appreciate Your Help

Sorry I couldn't be more help...it was just a thought since that solved my problem. Hope you get it straightened out soon! :)

well i have solved my blank hotmail page using outlook and from there i can access to my hotmail info.

also i downloaded windos xp sp2 and now i can finally access my hotmail page directly

Glad to hear you got it straightened out. :)