Hello All

My machine which has on occaision behaved itself properly has now decided to attempt to drive me out of my mind. I do not know if this aberrant behaviour occurred before or after installing SP1 for Vista, but what it now does is this.

If I use the "Open With" option on any program it applies it to every icon on the desktop.
So if I choose say Open With Media Player, every program, even the shortcuts to the hard drives and email then try to open with Media Player, additionally all short cut icon are renamed with the addition of the word link ie C Drive become C Drive link.

I am hoping that the technical knowledge apparent in this forum might have an idea what is happening and how it may be fixed.

Tks for reading my ramblings, I think Vista is getting to me.

All and any assistance is greatly welcomed


That is strange, OK... let me get this straight. Say you have an MP3 on your desktop, You use "Open With" Windows Media Player option to play that MP3. AFter you do that all the files on your desktop including Program Icons would try to open in WMP. SO even if you have a Word Document on your Desktop, that would also try openeing with WMP. And all their names would be changed and include the word Link at the end. Is this what happens or is it other way round?



yes you've got it exactly. It doesn't have to be an mp3 though, anything I choose to "open with" does the same thing, so if I decide to play a dvd using open with VLC player, then every icon changes to that and every program attempts to open with VLC player.

What I have done is 1 delete the offending program. 2 do a cold restart. This then returns all icons to normal, but if I then go through the whole open with procedure, it repeats the same behaviour, changing all icons to whatever I try to open with.

Very strange


WEll now that i got it right I ll have to search for the possible solution. I had this problem a long time ago, about 4 years ago when i was just a novice with computers. I ll look around and get back to you. In the meantime i hope others more experieced members might solve your issue.



Many thanks for the reply which I found very interesting as if you had the same thing all those years ago, it is not specific to Vista. Please do waste too much time on this, because at the end of the day, if I cannot fix or get it fixed, I will do a complete reinstall.


Yes sir, i had it either with 2000 or XP cant remember for sure, And i cant go search for the solution as yet either as i have limited surfing capability from my work. Has to be when i get home.