My computer was working fine yesterday, I shut down, and everything was fine. This morning when I cut it on, my display isn't right. There is about half an inch of space on the (my) left hand side of the screen, while on the other side it is right...it's as if its not centered. My display image when I don't have explorer open is like that, and when I am surfing the web, the pages are the same way. My display settings haven't been changed. Any ideas what could be the problem. I tried messing with the display settings to see if I could get it right, but so far, nothing has worked. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I tried rebooting twice, but it didn't help. I'll try a few more times and see if that does it.


You should have controls on the monitor itself which would allow you to move the screen image back to where it should be. Either in a push-button menu system, or behind a drop-down cover (if it's an older monitor)

Quite possibly someone has fiddled with it and moved the image sideways. Just adjust it back to where it should be.


I played around with the controls on my monitor, and I guess I got it fixed...I don't know who was over while I was out of town that one night, but it's possible they messed with it. Now it looks strange having it back to normal after looking at it the other way all day yesteday! LOL! Thanks for the suggestion!



ol' Grandad am teh winnah! :D

Glad to hear it worked, deonnanicole. I'll mark the topic as 'solved'.

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