When I try to shut a remote computer on the network with the "Shutdown -i" command I get "Access Denied". The PC is running Windows XP and I have turned off the Windows firewall, checked to make sure it is not the AV causing a problem.
I have tried it on other PC's without fail. It is just this one.

Any idea's please..


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Hmmmm, I am not sure and i am having a similar problem. So i would alo benifit from an answer....*Sorry for jumping in here*.



shutdown -i is an interactive shutdown, meaning it brings up the box as if you were to do a Start --> Shutdown sequence. If you were accessing a remote machine, how would you click the user interface mouse button?

You want shutdown -m \\ computername, such as

shutdown -m \\crashbox -r -t 03

which will reboot a computer called crashbox after 3 seconds.

Please note that if you are inside a domain, then you will need to be an administrator on the domain in order for it to work. If you are not on a domain, I think you will need to be a local administrator. It might ask you to login and prompt; I am not about to break my domain to test if for you.


Thanks for all your help guys. After a bit of messing around. I did find out that I had to be a domain admin for it to work..


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