:-| Every site i try to get on aol or internet explorer i cannot get onto it, i only see Connecting to site ,and then the action canceled site and that internet explorer cannot connect to the site and that it may be temporarily unavailable. please help!!! thanks

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What kind of Internet connection are using (Dial-up, cable, DSL, etc.)?

Have you checked your system for virus and spyware infections? If not, read through the threads in our Security forum for more information on how to scan for and remove such pests; they can severely alter and/or cripple your web browsing capabilities.



im new to daniweb i signed up today to find out what the hell is wrong with my computer it is causing me distress.

i have aol broadband 9.0 aol may or may not be the cause of this (i use IE to browse) i cant log onto certain things e.g msn , games(diablo2 counter strike and runescape) i use all of these frequently and they are essential to my sanity i first noticed the problem when i tried to subscribe to runescape and become a member (http://Runescape.com ) but you have to securely log on to subscribe i type in my password and accoiunt name and click secure login but it displays"action cancelled"

my dad downloads a lot of things on dc++ and our internet protection software has expired and i think a virus may be the cause or my settings have been changed can you please help me



Hi Alter Ego...welcome! :) You should start your own thread. When you tag on to someone else's, it takes attention away from the original poster's problem, and your problem won't get the attention it deserves either. Start your own thread, stating your problem, operating system, etc, and someone who can help will offer their advice. Good luck! :)


Hi Alter Ego, welcome to TechTalk :)

deonnanicole is right about starting your own thread for your question/problem; it just makes things less confusing for all if members stick to our policy of dealing with one person's issue(s) per thread.

Once you start your own thread, we'll help you out as much as possible in that thread. In the mean time though, use our forum's search function to find and review past threads on similar issues (there have definitely been more than a few). Click on the "Search this forum" button and try combinations of the following keywords to find those related threads:

msn hotmail log login secure site page displayed action cancelled

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