I wasn't sure as where to put this thread but I think this will be fine.

Starting wed night, I tried to log into my yahoo account and it said my password was invalid. I followed the steps that allowed me to get a made up new one and then change it again so I could get into my email. The next day IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! :evil: "PASSWORD INVALID"

I can keep changing it using all the security information but today I got an email from pay pal stating this.....

[img]http://www.paypal.com/images/pixel.gif[/img] Your PayPal Account May Be a Target for Deceptive Emails

Dear Mitch Frink,

As part of PayPal's proactive efforts to protect our customers, we are notifying you of important information that we received suggesting that your PayPal account may be a target for deceptive emails, otherwise known as "spoofing" or "phishing". These emails are designed to appear as if they were sent from a trusted online company that you have done business with, such as PayPal.

PayPal has learned that third parties may have obtained limited transaction information from the PayPal site about one or more of your online purchases after obtaining passwords of several PayPal merchants. The information includes general transaction information such as your first and last name, mailing address, email address, and transaction details. These parties may seek to use this information to target you with a deceptive email appearing to come from PayPal or online merchants with whom you have done business.

It is important to note that your personal or financial information, including your PayPal password, and Social Security, driver's license, credit card, and bank account numbers are not at risk. In order to protect your account, this information is always hidden and encrypted, and cannot be accessed by any merchant or third party.

Im not sure what to do.

You know the funny thing is I had the same problems a while back. I was using win2k at the time and I tried it in IE and Firebird and had the same issues. I logged into my yahoo messanger and it worked. I had a friend log into his yahoo mail and had no problems. I still to this day had no idea what was going wrong. I also tried to chamge my password and it still continued to happen. I belive that it has to do with yahoo not so much the OS but I am unceratin because I switched over to linux about 2 months ago and haven't had any problems.

It is strange needless to say!

you having a great day ,no wonder the post are down around here !:(