Just started having this problem yesterday. I go to hotmail, and I enter my username and password... it just goes to a blank white screen and after a few minutes it errors out. I have 3 different hotmail accounts and can't get into any of them on this computer. I've deleted all my temporary internet files and cookies, and that didn't help. I'm running WinXP and IE 6.0.

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Switch to mozilla (if you want) or just get something like outlook, or mozilla thunderbird so you can manage all your email acoounts without logging in three times.

just use outlook, i believe it can be configured for hotmail accounts. (one of the things ive liked about hotmail...sure you get a tiny inbox, but you can set it up with out look so all messages are saved onto ur machine)

Yeah, I'll probably do that. Thanks guys.

Try to repair IE. See what the result.

I figured out the problem. I can't get to it through my router.

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