I have a Dell Latitude (thanks for the sympathy), which is wirelessly networked via Netgear card to my DSL router. This router is hardwired to another computer which gives me no trouble. My daughter has a Toshiba laptop with its own internal wireless equipment. If I am on my laptop, and my daughter goes online with hers, mine will either freeze, or reboot. This happens every time without fail. Any ideas why, or how I can prevent this. It doesn't seem to happen with any other wireless laptop if a friend or relative comes over and uses my network.
The computers are not linked for file sharing or printer sharing or any other sharing. We cannot "see" each other at all.


WOW ,never heard that one before ,what happens if she's connected and you turn on the Dell and connect it to the router .I'm guessing its a chost.

I KNOW! Weird, right? Nothing happens to her laptop if I connect after she's on.
There really is no host. All computers are independently connected wirelessly, except the desktop, which is hardwired to the router. But I don't use that one much, because it's a really slow (500MHz) computer with 500M Ram.

I guess I've stumped everyone? Not even a starting place to look? My events log is clear after each incident.
Come on, guys! Throw me a crumb!

Chris :)