I am reinstalling XP Home, its my computer my software, nothing bootlegged. The product reg card has too many numbers than the defined 25 spaces allowed. ive never had this issue with any other ms application. anyone have any ideas how i can get past this? i have the card. thanks.

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thanks. i have done that and backwards....this is the oddest thing. i just dont know what to do.


i have to head out in a moment but this is the protocol - (top line) Product ID: 06001-OEM-xxxxxxx-xxxxx, then bar code, then bottom line, xxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
All the x's are numberic.
I appreciate your help....


if you got that oem number from right clicking on mycomputer and going to properties ,you goofed ,that isn't the xp product key you need when installing winxp .
if you have a sticker on the computer tower with that number then something isn't right .or its older old xp. legit wiould look like this .
any way i use this program to find winxp keys on a legit computer with a missing sticker . i have a win95 disk with a number with the oem in it .or old copy of microsoft works


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