I've been having this problem since about....yesterday.

Whenevr I open a link in a new window using either the right click-->open in new window or ctrl+shift, or when I open a new window anyway, I find that the window opens, with the white background (and the toolbar is seethrough, like what happens when your pc slows down ;D) is very slow. The status bar shows "done" at first, then the URL it is loading. My cursor turns into the "link hand" and I cannot do anything except move my mouse.

This only occurs for about 3-5 seconds but it does get VERY annoying. Any ideas?

I had the same problem (10-15 seconds delay to open a new IE window) : this was caused by Mcafee Antispyware.

I uninstalled it and the problem disapeared.

10 months late buddy D: Firefox has gone final since

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