whenever at school i visit websites like youtube, mail services, etc, i keep getting this messgae (see below). It is really annoying, and my school presentation will need a youtube video presented from the school computer(s), and i can't bring it in on cd, etc. thanks to those who can help.

at the top of the screen it says : 403 forbidden Microsoft Internet Explorer

then on the page it says: Forbidden
You were denied access because
Access Denied by access control list

Thanks again to those who can help.

Your school's IT administrators have prevented you from accessing the site. If you are allowed to download at all from their computers then use software like Save2PC at home and download the video to your home computer. Find an online storage service(I use Yahoo briefcase(100MB) that came with my yahoo.ca webmail account) and download it that way. Another option, if the downloaded video file is small enough, you might be able to email it to your teacher at the school.

many times, as at my school, these thisngs are blocked within the firewall itself, and may not be able to be gotten around without a proxy, which normally does not support video,

try going to video.google.com

switch to search google videos only, and see if you can find the same video

i am curious as to what video it may be

i used video google. great idea. but just for the heck of it, is there a way to bypass the crap wcpss put on the computers??? If i download firefox or opera, my teacher will suspend my @$$ because i got several warnings for downloading content like that. Is there another way around.

Get a PDA and tap your shcool's wireless connection. Hack through the firewall, clear all the filters and done!
(Just Joking!) xD

With you bypassing, you can also get caught, if they really want to track you down.

no, not without downloading something, or actually, if you got a program that was


you could use it without installing, say, from a flashdrive

google portable firefox

please dont talk about breaking your schools IT policy or you will get an infarction. This is your only warning.

it isnt a good idea to try and tap a School network, most school networks are monitored and if caught you could be in a whole lotta trouble.

and ive tried hacking with all 3 of my pocket pc's

doesnt work!

please dont talk about breaking your schools IT policy or you will get an infarction. This is your only warning.

who are you talking to? plus, i am not trying to break their sucky IT policy anyway!!!

forget bypassing, it's not worth the trouble

Set up Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) on your home computer and remotely connect from the school's machine to do your presentation.