Hi there people.

I am trying to resurrect an old HP Compaq nc6000 notebook for my work and I have got it going, but everytime I turn it on I ger a rundll error saying:
Error loading cmicnfg.cpl
The specified module could not be found.

I have found out it has something to do with the C-media controller. I downloaded all the drivers off the hp website and installed all the audio drivers but it is still coming up with the same error message.

I have also installed the graphics thinking it was that but it is still popping up at start up.

I have gone into msconfig and disabled it at start up and it did not pop up again when I restarted it.... I am sure that doing this a quick fix.

How do I fix this issue???

I hope you can help.

Shaun :cool:

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check in control panel if there is an icon for cmedia controller. if it is three use it to configure you sound, this will let you know if it is working. if it is now there you have to find the entry in the registry and delete it.

Thanks dude.

The icone wasnt there so I deleted the registry keys.

Now I have sound.

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