Hey folks. I am getting a BSOD error with Windows Vista SP1 on the following system:

E6400 Dual Core
4GIG G.Skill PC6400 DDR2 RAM
1 x 500GB Maxtor 7200rpm
BFG 312mb 8800 GTS OC Vid. Card
Creative Sound Blaster SE

I get this error, and then when i boot into windows i get the error message pop up saying a serious error occured. under this i see that the error was caused by hardware. I used the windows debugger to see if ic ould get any more information, and all i got was that it was caused by a hardware error.

I ran the windows RAM test before loading windows, and that found no errors with my RAM.

I then have to assume its a couple of things.
1. My motherboard
2. CPU
3. Power Supply
4. Video Card
5. Sound card

All of these components work flawlessly in my Windows XP SP3 installation... and have for years (months). Is there any way i can test these components?

Any ideas? I will attempt to add the minidump file if possible as an attachment for your reference. Hope someone can help me out!

Thanks in advance!

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windows vista SP1 is kinda of buggy, it just came out, so expect a lot of errors, the best solution is system restore before SP1 update, and either wait for SP1 to get better or wait for SP2...


I got the same errors before i installed SP1... so not sure where to go from here!


installing the driver and/or remove the hardware that is removable, visit the website of that hardware driver and find a vista capable one and install it...

If they worked in XP, its highly likely that its incapable with windows vista...

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