After many problems I decided to reinstall windows. I wiped my drive clean and reinstalled win 98se, got everything working except my second drive letter is missing in "my computer". Upon boot up bios recognizes the drive but I can't access it. I remember having to set it up last time, since this second drive is 120 gig and bios has a hard time recognizing drives this big with 98se. Can anyone help please?

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How is your drive formatted? You may have to partition it using fdisk if it has not been partitioned yet...

My second hard drive was partiotioned it, was formatted, it was working perfectly before, and has tons of my files on it. The only thing I did was remove the c drive, use another computer to wipe it clean, put it back in my computer and reinstall windows. It should be fine I didn't even remove it from the computer.

still no help anyone? I want to keep the files on my second hard drive but can't get it to work..HELP!

You say you reloaded win98 ,was that what was on it before you formated ,if the second drive formated Fat32 also !!

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