Computer will not boot.
This is an older computer that is Win98 on it. If knew specs on it it, I would give them.

What it does it turns on, there is something of the screen. Here is what it says:
Main Porcessor: Cyrix M II-300
Processor Clock: PR300
VGA Memory: 1MB
Checking NVRAM...
131072KB OK
Trend ChipAwayVirus (R) On Guard
Auto-Detecting Pri Master...IDE Hard Disk
Pri Master: 1.70 ST3210A
Ultra DMA Mode-2, S.M.A.R.T. Card Capable but Disabled

Then there is a blinking cursor and that is it.
No POST Just what is on the screen.


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I'm not a super techie or anything but this looks like it could be a problem
Ultra DMA Mode-2, S.M.A.R.T. Card Capable but Disabled

[info about what DMA is]

I saw a thread at a web site that mentioned for win 98 you have to enable the card manually....maybe theres a switch somewhere on the (card) [hardware]
I have installed Windows 98 to my MPD3xxxAT with Ultra DMA Mode 4 capability. After re-booting my system, the DMA box opened through Control Panel has no check. That is, Windows 98 would not enable DMA access. And, the performance is slower than disk drive with Ultra DMA Mode 2. This phenomenon only occurs in the specific system environment configured with some of motherboards and certain version of system BIOS. If you faced this problem, you need to upgrade your system BIOS. Please contact your motherboard and/or system BIOS manufacturer for more details.
that looks useful, sorry though if nothing helps


Thank you for the suggestions. I had a little help from my uncle and we found out the problem.

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