Hey guys, first post here...

I recently configured my PC (XP-PRO SP1) to have more than one user, for my roommate. I want him as a Power User or regular User.

I'm doing it so he can't access my documents and whatnot.

I set everything up but when I log in as him, IE6 crashes. It immediately pops up the message box about sending the error to Microsoft. If I change his user profile to administrator, it works fine. Any other user group...nay.

I uninstalled Sygate Firewall thinking that might be it. No deal there. All my settings were system defaults (concerning any local security policies).

Can anyone recommend how to fix this so I can proceed? Thanks!!

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IE is getting ridiculous maybe he has to run it as root but you dont want him to know your password.........Is internet not working on limited accounts or is it just Winblows Internet Exploiter try a diffrent browser like
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