:cry: I downloaded MySQL 4.0 then clicked on Setup file but ... (oops!)The followin' message appear


Just tell me how could i solve this pro???

Thank u a lot!!!


First off, lets doublecheck that its a 16-bit program:

1. Use Windows Explorer to open the folder that contains the program's executable (.exe) file.
2. Right-click the .exe file, and then click Properties.
3. A 16-bit program does not have a Version tab in this dialog box.

If it is, then lets look at this:


Check the AUTOEXEC.NT on yours, and see if it differs from the one in the link



Very thank Thepom11 and Eddie5659

but ... my pro 's still there, i cant find the way to get rid of it ... uhm ... by the way, Eddie5659, can u tell me how can i find AUTOEXEC.NT in my program? I ve found Config.nt but i couldnt find AUTOEXEC.NT

Plzzz help me!!!!

They should be in your PC as well. Have you looked in c:\windows\system32?

Can you post the contents of your config.nt? Just doubleclick it, and choose Notepad from the list. Make sure that the box Always use this Program is NOT ticked.

As to the AUTOEXEC.NT, there is this link:


I'm working on it with someone else at the same time as you. They have the autoexec.nt file, and its okay, but checking for the other two:

Config.nt and Command.com


Here 's CONFIG.NT in my comp, plz check it 4 me , thanks!!!
REM Windows MS-DOS Startup File
REM CONFIG.SYS is not used to initialize the MS-DOS environment.
REM CONFIG.NT is used to initialize the MS-DOS environment unless a
REM different startup file is specified in an application's PIF.
REM By default, no information is displayed when the MS-DOS environment
REM is initialized. To display CONFIG.NT/AUTOEXEC.NT information, add
REM the command echoconfig to CONFIG.NT or other startup file.
REM When you return to the command prompt from a TSR or while running an
REM MS-DOS-based application, Windows runs COMMAND.COM. This allows the
REM TSR to remain active. To run CMD.EXE, the Windows command prompt,
REM rather than COMMAND.COM, add the command ntcmdprompt to CONFIG.NT or
REM other startup file.
REM By default, you can start any type of application when running
REM COMMAND.COM. If you start an application other than an MS-DOS-based
REM application, any running TSR may be disrupted. To ensure that only
REM MS-DOS-based applications can be started, add the command dosonly to
REM CONFIG.NT or other startup file.
REM You can use EMM command line to configure EMM(Expanded Memory Manager).
REM The syntax is:
REM EMM = [A=AltRegSets] [RAM]
REM AltRegSets
REM specifies the total Alternative Mapping Register Sets you
REM want the system to support. 1 <= AltRegSets <= 255. The
REM default value is 8.
REM BaseSegment
REM specifies the starting segment address in the Dos conventional
REM memory you want the system to allocate for EMM page frames.
REM The value must be given in Hexdecimal.
REM 0x1000 <= BaseSegment <= 0x4000. The value is rounded down to
REM 16KB boundary. The default value is 0x4000
REM specifies that the system should only allocate 64Kb address
REM space from the Upper Memory Block(UMB) area for EMM page frames
REM and leave the rests(if available) to be used by DOS to support
REM loadhigh and devicehigh commands. The system, by default, would
REM allocate all possible and available UMB for page frames.
REM The EMM size is determined by pif file(either the one associated
REM with your application or _default.pif). If the size from PIF file
REM is zero, EMM will be disabled and the EMM line will be ignored.
dos=high, umb
I searched AUTOEXEC.NT in my comp but i couldnt find it ( in c:\windows\system32 like u saud as well )

So wat can i do now ? and wat sould i do with COMMAND.COm ???
By the way, Could u help me to have a look at the followin' pic plz!!! Wat wrong with my comp????

Why not install mysql as a service instead?

Why not install mysql as a service instead?

:rolleyes: Is it a good idea???? If it is, plz tell me how can i install MySQL as a service like u said ! Thank u a lot Zachery :o

If you can install it as a Service as mentioned above by Zachery, then that should be okay.

However, it looks like you're missing Autoexec.nt, which may be needed at a later date.

If you have a read of the link I posted in my first reply, that may help.