On my son's Dell desktop, I have been trying to run "Setup" from a CD and from a floppy. The program starts but then disapears before doing anything. Is there a setting that may have been changed?


Is this the Windows CD that you're trying to run, or another type of software? Also, as its a Dell, is that the Restore disk?

If it is, what's the full name of the pc?



The program I am trying to instal is an addon to Flight sim 2004

I have a dell, and whenever I have a problem that I can't fix on it I call them up, they might be able to help. Also see if there the person your logged into has admin capabilities b/c if the person doesn't then it won't let you install it.

Well I do not know what I did but it worked last night. I will call it magic for a lack of an explaination. Thank you for your input.