My laptop is having a display problem that is annoying and hard to explain. There are times that everything is fine with the display, and then all of a sudden the screen is dominated by a very bright green tint (basically the same color of the CPU usage charts in ctrl-alt-del function). Everything that is supposed to be black is green instead. Other colors seem to be less affected(i.e. the yellow smileys off to the side look fine).

My computer - COMPAQ Presario 2100
Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 1
Display Adapters---->RADEON IGP 340M (ATI)

It's very stange. For example, my MSN icon is the Dark Side of the Moon album cover. When the display problem is occuring, it's all green save the prism and rainbow, but when I click on the icon and it depresses, the black background looks fine.


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No, I haven't tried to update the driver, thanks a lot for the link. I'm going to try to install it tomorrow so, I'll get back to you.
By the way, the display problem does not occur in safe mode as far as I know.


OK, I upgraded to service pack 2, and for some reason the problem went away...for about 5 hours, and now it's back.
I downloaded the updated driver, but for some reason I can't install it. When I try, I get...
[ INF Error-Video Driver not found...unable to complete installation, setup display adapter with standard VGA driver]

I don't know what to do from this point.

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