i have a dell 2.20ghz 256mb and it was okay until my internet go slow and i cant play computer games anymore cause my ping goes so high it used to be 35ping on a little map now its like 128 then in like a few seconds it will pop up to like 1000-2000 and says like WARNING SEND_ENITYPACKET and and it isnt just that game(counterstrike) it does it on unreal tournement and internet so slow my other comp is a pentuim 3 64mb is faster on the internet? please help i bought my comp to play games and now its worthless

check bandwith here tell us what your paying for and what you have now

its not worthless you just have to configure it right
post all your computers specs

umm i pay 30.00 and its not the internet its that it seems to go okay then drop like 56k so i wonder if i have a virus i have a mcfee i did virus scan nothing try to get updates but dont have my login info i hope u guys can help me

how do u know that info like my ip and other stuff

It could be your ISP doing work [post]6574[/post]
you can get all the tools you need here

how do u know that info like my ip and other stuff

Are you scared clarice

do u know how to fix my problem

do you have all the latest drivers for your video card,nic card, ect.......

do u think i have a virus? anyways i hope i get this fixed my clan depends on me why would my connection go up and down

how many people are you hosting while you play are you serving the game and did you download and run all the software I recomended above in a previous post

what do u mean alot of people play on the severs there not mine there clan severs and gameing places

ok and what about the downloads and drivers did you get them if you dont know where to get them I can help you just post your specs

can u help me?i can check stuff that would slow it down or sumthin

what are those?

downloads?drivers iam not that good at comps

i have alot of svhost.exe i have 27 processes

drivers are like updates for your hardware you have to get them you have a video card Ill take it tell me the exact make and model do the same for your dls card (where you plug in the internet at on your comp)

i have a sucky graphics card i have a intergrated graphics card

okay what should i end task for or sumthin

ok you want to do the services first click start/run/ type services.msc enter/ tell me when you get there

PS I know your loving this site right with this 24 hour tech support

i clicked on that download and nothin came up

type services?

what should i type in therun window

iam not on my good comp right now iam on the bad slow one should i dissconnect modem and move to fast commputer

okay now what

i see alot of different things

are u there?

alright scroll down do you see the thing called ( (RPC) Locator NOT RPC WARNING DO NOT DISABLE (RPC) right click the one called Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator

see where it says names at the top take the bar and widen it so you can see all what it says

okay?but iam have the services thing up now what

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