i found it

now what?

i right clicked on it now what start,properties, all task refresh, help?

ok its the second one down right click it Properties/ Start up type / disable / apply / ok make sur it says (RPC) locator and not just (RPC)

what tab

your using Windows Xp right

genral,log on,recovery,depend?ya i have windows xp home edition

ok did you right click on RPC locator properties disable apply ect........

i did

reboot and check your services


what do u mean check services

still have 27processes

okie dokey artichoke...............lol

waiting........................... very bored if i get this back to normal iam going to go play countrt-strike and ill tell alot of people to come here if there somthing wrong with there computer

u disabled alot of stuff on your computer

Its america man land of the free do what you want Ill post the rest come back when your ready

u disabled alot of stuff on your computer

And thats why they call it WINDOWS

iam here iam excited its been messed up for awile

what should i do now?


i want to fix it real bad

Inside joke Its past your bed time t33kid

do u have 56k

does it take a long time to get these messages

iamm 14 son i dont have a bedtime

you have to hit refresh everytime you want to see what I post bra

okay thanks will it mess anything up

I thought you had to be 18 to post

yep or i post sumthin

where u live man another countrie

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