i did it but the last image didnt come up

is it going to be fast now?

iam restarting the comp now i hope u fixed it

i have alot more free ram will taht fix my problem though

iam going to put modem on the fast comp now

i teated my speed 617.9 is it i wonder is i can play counter-strike did u fix that problem

your problem is you havent updated your AV so you probably do have a virus and you need some registry tools so untill you download the software I linked I can help you no further

and caperjack heres those screenshots I promised to post hope they help

i downloaded aida32 is that what u wanted me too i want help and if that not the right thing ill download the right thing

First go into McAfee Anti-virus does it say update any where

ya but i dont know my login info so i can download new updates ive been meaning to call but long wait time very busy some times they say to call back another time.is there anything else i can do i have that aida32 thing

send somthing

i pressed refresh like 400 times

iam going to the skate park can u just put all the info on cause iam metting someone there sorry i will be on tonight tell me all the stuff i need to do

downloaded it ckeacking for viruses now what should i do

did you update it click on update

i found a virus after update
it name is
and it says healable

alright good job you know how to handle it right

HIT refresh every 5 minutes

is that the problem with my comp

no what should i do i have no idea is this whats been wrong with my computer the whole time

one of the many do more of the services(found on page 2,3) for now Im writing up a tutorial Ill check back in every 5 mins or so turn of the services after you get finished with all of them reboot

remeber the screenshots do them like I have mine

Basically, he's saying that you should download (from the web) the latest/updated drivers for your hardware. (Drivers are programs that make your hardware such as video card, etc. all work right).

e.g. if you have an Nvidia GeForce 4 video card, go to the nvidia.com website and download the latest Nvidia Detonator drivers.

Sometimes, if you have certain problems with your computer, due to it running slowly, etc. downloading the latest drivers helps.

If you're having problem with your network, try downloading and installing the latest drivers for your modem or network card.

i want to show u a thing on my task manager but i dont know how how do u like save a window then put it on this

e.g. if you have an Nvidia GeForce 4 video card, go to the nvidia.com website and download the latest Nvidia Detonator drivers.

I think he said he has intergrated graphics

were can i get those i have a intergrated graphics card and i have verizon dsl

go to page 4 and do the all services then reboot

csc gal I need more robust [bb] code

would that virus slow down my computer on the internet what does that virus do and ummm how do u save a window and post it like u did on the service.msc stuff

i did that a long time ago but i have more services like cause i have windows xp home edition and u have like 2000 or 98 or 95 right

what else should i do other person i need help all i can get

dont worry just click on them and follow my steps start from page 1 Ill teach you later how to take screenshots and yes a worm like that would slow it down a little

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