I'm running ie on an home edition xp computer, and for the past few weeks whenever i've tried running ie, a message pops-up saying Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close, we're sorry, blah blah blah- i haven't done anything drastically diff. on my puter, but i have no idea where to even begin looking at how to fix this- any help?

IE is getting ridiculous did you read the similar threads,download mozzila it will transfer all your favorites dont worry pay no attention to the ones who harp about how good WINBLOWS INTERNET EXPLOITER is
ahhhhhh WINBLOWS a double bladed sword who will get cut next

If you don't wish to take the good advice of my friendly acquanance here, you should ensure everything is up to date at the Windows Update site. (Tools > Windows Update)

i have the same problem as eeryel, didn't do anything particulary different with the computer, but now whenever i try to open IE, i get the message "encountered a problem and has to close". i've uninstalled and reinstalled it - no change- and when i try to use windows update, it defaults to using IE which DON'T WORK!

if anyone knows how to resolve this i would be very, very grateful!!!!


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[*]If exe files are failing to work, virus should come to mind.
[*] Likely to be W32.Swen.A
[*]You could download and try the stinger utility (is a option)
[*]Boot to Safe Mode and turn off the System restore..../ My Computer properties/ system restore tab.

NOTE: This may have to be done on another computer

[*]Download the W32.Swen.A@mm Removal Tool from www.symantec.com and begin to follow the instructions in the W32.Swen.A@mm Removal Tool document.

NOTE: step 5, Double-click the FixSwen.exe file (IMPORTANT INFO). Do not double-click the file. :!: Instead (FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)

[*]1. Right-click the downloaded FixSwen.exe file, and then click Rename.
[*]2. Rename the file to:


[*]3. When you are asked whether you want to change the file extension, click Yes.
[*]4. Double-click the FixSwen.cmd file and continue with the steps in the Removal Tool document.

i've got norton AV installed on the computer, all up to date as of yesterday, which hasn't found anything new. had that iedll.exe trojan on the system which i got rid of on sunday, but i have a horrible suspicion that it may be behind this problem.
i'll give your suggestion a try tonight and see what happens, hopefully that will sort things out ok.
thanks, btw ;0

success!!!! it was as simple as downloading spybot search and destroy. there were 32 different things that it found....... i need to be WAY more careful with my surfing. thanks for the help all :mrgreen:

i don't know what changed, deleted a downloaded email thingy, but never used it and it never caused problems b4, but now ie's working again... dunno if it's related or not! guess i shouldn't care, but thought i'd update. did several diff virus scans, all (-)....... guess i'll just have to wait and see. Thnx! -me

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