I am currently running Windows 2k on an A7V motherboard with a 1.1 GHz AMD Athlon. In addition, I am attempting to install two different PCI sound cards. However, I am encountering major IRQ conflicts. I have attempted to manually change the IRQ of one of the sound cards to 5 and 12, the only two IRQ's which appear to be available on my system. However, on IRQ 5, my comptuer hangs on startup and on IRQ 12, my computer no longer recognizes the sound card. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced.

What type of soundcards are these? How are you changing the IRQ's (jumpers, software)? A little more info would be nice.

One soundcard is a Soundblaster 16 pci and the other is an ESS soundcard. I can't give additional info on the ESS soundcard because it came with my system and I am unaware of any additional information I can obtain for it. I was originally changing the IRQ settings through BIOS. Windows 2k's feature to change irq settings was shaded out. Thank you for taking the time to reply, if you would like any additional information please ask.