I just installed XP Ro with Srvc Pk 2. I'm running an Asus board with an AMD 1.92 Gig processor and I'm sporting 512 megs of DDR Ram.

Everything is working great with (two exceptions, to be addressed in another thread) one exception. The computer's Bios sees the drive, and in Computer Mgmt, the drive section sees it as well. When I try to assign a letter I can't, it is greyed out. It gives me the option to delete the partition, but I can't afford to lose all the info; and that may not solve the problem anyway. I can also change to Dynamic Drive if I want, but I'm not familiar with that and don't know what it does; and don't know if that even will solve the problem.

I hope someone here has some kind of an answer. I'm at a loss.
:sad: BuddyB

- Is this a partition that existed before the XP install, or did you create it during the install process?

- How is the partition formatted (FAT32, NTFS,etc.)?

- What exactly is on the partition?

If the partition is currently reported in Disk Manager as "Basic", don't muck with the "Dynamic Drive" option; it won't help.

Here's the story :). It used to be my primary drive in the old computer. I was running 2000 Pro and it is NTFS, so the partition was already there when I set up the new computer with XP Pro, Srvc Pk 2. BIOS sees it and it's visible in Disk Mgr., but it won't let me assign a letter to it. I did remember to set it to slave as well. So, right now it's a bone of contention.
Thanks, BuddyB