I'm running an Asus motherboard with a 1.92 gig AMD processor with 512 megs of DDR Ram. I have Win XP Pro, Srvc Pk 2 installed.

I absolutely love it, faster'n a greased bunny running from Coyote Ugly :). Of course, I understand there are faster processors, but I just jumped from a 233, so I'm in Porky's heaven.

What's happening is that on occasion it just hangs up and freezes for no apparent reason. I cannot, for the life of me, pin down a specific action when it happens, but it can be when I install a program, or just raising one up. It even happened when I went into an eBay folder in "My eBay."

Any input appreciate, thanks,

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There could be a number of causes for that, ranging from a buggy program/process to a hardware fault. A few things to start with:

- How long has this been happening, and had you made any changes to hardware or software around the time the problem surfaced?

- If you boot the computer in Safe Mode, does the freeze happen after a while there too?

- Have you disabled any and all programs/processes/services that you don't need to have running?

- Do your event logs list any errors which might help pinpoint the cause? You can view your logs with the Event Viewer application in your Administrative Tools folder.

- Could it be heat-related? Make sure that your system is well-ventilated and free of dust, and that all fans are working properly.

- Check all of your cables and components; make sure everything is seated properly and tightly.

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