i have a toshiba satellite 1105 notebook that my friend would like to use with a projector. after everything gets hooked up and running, the mouse freezes. all that he wants to do is play his screeensaver from a disk in the notebook onto the projector so that everyone can see it.

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Toshiba Laptop Projector Problems? Don't drive yourself too crazy with BIOS downloads or whatever....
If you have a Toshiba Satellite, have it hooked up to a projector & can see the wallpaper--and even screensavers--but nothing else, here's what you have to do. It's relatively painless--but nothing intuitive. We paid Toshiba Tech Support $50 for the answer--but I'll share it with you here:

1) Right click on empty are of desktop-->select Properties-->Settings-->Select Monitor 2; Now unselect “Extend My Windows Desktop”-->click OK;
2) Right click on empty are of desktop: select Graphics Options-->Output to-->
Intel Dual Display Clone-->Notebook+Monitor

Viola! You should now have an image!

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