I have a 17" VGA Monitor, bout 3-4 years old. It was connected to my PC which is also about years old, and it was working fine. But when I removed it and put it on my old Packard Bell the Screen became really wavey. So i thought it might be the video card and switched it back to the original PC it was on, but it has same problem (the screen is wavy).

It never did this before but after going from the Packard back to the original it messed up.

So what's the problem here? Can anyone help me out?

Identical thread Posted in wrong forum

check for Interference to the video signal

1The power cord is away from the video cable
2 Its not by a magnetic(unshielded) speaker
3 Away from any devices that do not comply with FCC standards
4 you get the point

make sure you have all drivers up to date


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