Hi, hoping someone here can shed some light on a problem that has baffled me for weeks, and those who i work with in Tech Support. yes yes, its our job and we can't work it out, i know, its lame.

Anyway, when i am downloading torrents, using any client, after a while my PC wil start freezing, and then unlocking. If i manage to get into task manager you can see the processor going 100% when it freezes, then dropping when it unlocks.
I am running server 2003 as a DHCP server, and RAS/VPN, and then running a switch off of that.
When the above happens, the connection to the server from my PC seems to die. i cannot ping the server at all. Connection to the net ON THE SERVER still remains fine though.
A restart of my PC and its all fine again, until a while after more downloading.

I have tried fresh installs of windows, different torrent clients, a different NIC, port openings, connection limits, just about everything people have mentioned.
I am clear of all spyware which can cause problems, so i am completely stumped.

Im running Windows XP Pro Corp
AMD Athlon 1.4
and a standard netgear NIC.

i do stress, this is only happening when downloading torrents. I can download files normalls from http, running at full 180Kbps and its fine.

Any ideas? :cry:

i got a new HDD yesterday, clean install of XP etc, and it still does it.

Could it be the memory?

How's the PC problem going??

My ADSL is working YEAH.... :cheesy: I'm so happy...

i got a new HDD yesterday, clean install of XP etc, and it still does it.

Could it be the memory?

Got the EXACT same problem and i have no clue how to fix it.... it's quite annoying.......... haven't been able to get to the task manager though but i may be quite impatient with computers. Have you found the reason? ?


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When you go to task manager, is the torrent client taking up the processor usage ??? or is there some other process .. if yes what's it.