I have a 533 mhz emachine that will not boot to windows because it is froze on a screen saver page. I can only move around the screen saver. Will not respond to rebootable disc. Does not respond to control + alt + del. Does not respond to F8 or F2. Does not respond to esc key. Any suggestions on how to reboot in safe mode or remove screen saver lock? Thank you. :(

Unless I'm missing something here...
All you have to do is turn the PC off. Either with the switch on the front, or a switch on the back (if there is one), or even unplug the PC from the wall.
On the next bootup, if you still have a prob getting into windows, keep tapping F8 until you see the boot menu. Choose Safe Mode, and then disable the Screen Saver until you can see what the problem with it is.

Oh- maybe you are talking about the "Logo" screen that sometimes appears as soon as you power on the PC?? You can usually disable that screen in the BIOS setup. Check your emachines manual on what key to press to enter BIOS setup. Or, sometimes the key is shown briefly onscreen after you hit the power switch.

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Thank you, Donk. But I can't get the boot menu. I've rebooted, even tried the windows 98 boot up CD and a restore floppy. The only thing that will come up on the screen is that blasted screensaver. I've hit F8 a thousand times and even tried F2. I've hit control, alt, delete and the screen goes blank. I think I need to get a new harddrive and I don't know how to install one of those. This is very frustrating.

What does the "screensaver" show? The Emachines logo? There's a key that you press to enter the BIOS setup. From in there you can disable the logo (usually). Your manual will tell you which key. These are the usual ones:
try continually tapping the DELETE key right after you power on.
try continually tapping the F1 key right after you power on.

What happens when you try the RESTORE floppy? What error does it give you?

Installing a new Hard Drive is really pretty easy. I know that the first time is the hardest. But the new drive will come with step by step instructions. It would be good if you had a 2nd computer to go online with and ask questions here, in case something goes wrong.

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ok might be a bit tooo late on this reply,I have the same problem. I just got this E machines pc from a friend down the street who said it was not working and well he got a new pc. He knows i love pcs and fixing so he tossed it over. well it turned out to have afaulty power supply i went and bought the same one from Best Buy with my disscount ( i love it) and installed it. now i have another problem it is stuck at the EMACHINES bio screen and there is no other buttons on dissplay to go into bios, the harddrive works perfectly, i removed it and installed windows xp and placed it back , nothing. any ideas if my mother board baked? have no idea wuts wrong help!!:mrgreen:

A few things:

- You shouldn't reply to a 2 year old thread
- If you post a new thread, you should do this in the correct forum, which would be: Hardware

For your problem: Somethings wrong with the bios, perhaps the battery is dead. If that's not the case you could try to reset your bios to standard-settings using the jumper on your mobo.

If you have HD-detection on, that could also be the cause. Your HD might be broken and can't be detected, try putting in another HD.

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