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ISDN 64 kbps
v.90 56 kbps
v.34 33.6 kbps
v.32bis 14.4 kbps
my speed 544 kbps or 66.7 Kbytes ps



I assume you are on a cable modem or a DSL. Moving stuff upstream at that rate is pretty good (66.7 Kbytes/sec). A lot of ISP's throttle back the uploads, as they do not want their customers (YOU!) to be running a server on their line and making a profit. That means you qualify for their business packages... and that will cost some.

Be careful that you do not cause a concern due to heavy traffic. It is very very easy for the ISP to monitor how much traffic you generate, and sniff it out.

But technically, you can try to port manipulate as much as you want. It is still the same NIC card, and I bet that will remain your bottleneck. You could always ask the cable company for a second cable modem, and then throw a second NIC card in the server....


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